Monday, July 15, 2013


David Beckham is a former English Footballer and also the English player who won titles in four countries. He announced his intention to retire his 20 year storied career. His carrer achievements are of the board as he took over the captainship title for six years and appeared in 58 games. He was given the highest player salary of his time. He won ‘Youth cup’, ‘MLS cup’ and gold medals as a monument of his achievements and successes. His carrier achievements are a sure essence of pride and special for him.
Credit: KCS Presse / Splash News

David Beckham got married in 1999 on July 4. The family consists of four children; three sons and the youngest and only daughter. Today, the fourteen years of their successful marriage is a source of admiration of many well known’s. The glamorous couple is happier as ever as the couple has helped and encouraged each other through years.
Amongst the rest, the youngest daughter, Harper Beckham has been the true love of his father, David. The young girl is always found in the affectionate hands or lap of her father. David not only loves the little fairy of his house but also seems very possessive. Dozed off in her father’s shoulders during the long London strolls has been a sure proof of their warmth and love.  
David tells about his children that Victoria is up by 6:30. This is when the boys are off to play ball in the garden and she works in the kitchen. Harper usually accompanies her mother then. Thus, David enjoys a perfect family and admires it. He also says the he would love if one of his four children becomes a football player. It might even be Harper. 


Rheumatoid arthritis is the inflammation of tissues around joints of the body. This autoimmune disease is caused when the tissues of the body are accidently attacked by its own immune cells which leads to painful swelling commonly termed rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Celebrities are not immune to diseases and medical problems and many of them had to journey through life with RA.
RA is tough to diagnose. The tests showing negative results can still have the traits of it. X-rays can never be enough to detect them until later on. Today more than 2 million people in United States; 70 percent of which are women, have suffered with this illness. Yet, there is not much known about it. The disease is not only permanent but aching and potentially debilitating also.
One of the well known actresses, Jennie Garth, in 2008 found out shocking news that her second daughter of the three; Lola Ray had RA. Jennie Garth starred in many serials and movies. Later was married to Peter Facinelli (famous from twilight). In an interview, Jennie Garth talked at length about Lola Ray’s diagnosis of RA. She told that Lola had to be admitted in the hospital at first due to her high temperatures, but later was taken back home since the doctors weren't sure of her illness. Jennie and her husband researched it own their own after taking help from friends and family affiliated with this profession.
‘Lola was not herself, said Jennie. Wanted to be carried away everywhere because her joints ached hard. Lola developed continuous fever and rash but to her luck, they met a doctor from UCLA who treated her for RA. She responded to steroid and Naprosyn drug courses and after following treatments, Lola progressed in remission. Though the disease requires persistent care and precaution, her health is back on track. Jennie says that they parents are very “hands-on” with their daughters in every aspect of raising and caring for the girls and can’t thank God enough for such a love-centered family.


‘The Voice’ is the U.S reality singing series produced by Mark Burnett Productions (company) and broadcasted by NBC to your TV screen as a fall season program. The motive of the show is to find new singing talents every season. After having auditions and selecting the precious few from the lot, the competitors are recruited to the four teams. Each team is guided by a coach (also the judges) who works against the other team and makes all the effort to take the lead.
This competition is hosted by Carson Daly and its judges are Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine who happened to be the first coaches, later followed by the hires of Christina Algurea and Blake Shelton. They judged two seasons in the show but Algurea and Green left the series. They were replaced by Shakira and Usher for the fourth. The new judges lead the show with the best of them and brought the show equal success as the others in season four.
But now, once again, Algurea and Green are returning to their home-show providing it the original zeal and zest. After several month plans, the outstanding members got to rejoin the old ones.
Christina Algurea appeared on the red carpet with a new look and charm intact. Despite the fact that the melodious voice had already captured the hearts of many, the new look caught many eyes. The present slim figure lost 20 pounds but the cute orange skin color never faded. Christina seems back to her comfort zone with blonde hair, red lips and orange complexion. Her soberness seems a pretty good effort though.
This lady apparently has earned the highest as compared to any other woman in this reality show. The insider close to the negotiations said, she made about $17 million during season 3 and could earn an amount as high as that one again depending upon the number of hours she appeared. Well yes, Voice pays its coaches per hour!